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Summer Camp

Meliora School Summer Camp Themes

Pirates Ahoy

Arrrrggghhh, Matey!
Students will create treasure chests, eye patches and many more fun crafts. They will enjoy visiting the inside of a Pirate ship that will be architecturally created by them. Stories about famous pirates abound…fiction and non-fiction. Our buccaneers are ready to set sail for pirate adventure this summer!


Hawaiian Hullabaloo

Aloha Campers!
Campers will learn the Hula and make special Hawaiian treats which will be served at our Luau. All the campers will be dressed in Hawaiian skirts and hats along with garlands made by them. We will recreate the Hawaiian beach on our porch.

Wheels N Things

Trains, Planes ,& Automobiles
The campers go back in time and learn about how the wheel was invented. They also collect pictures and make collages about how the different modes of transportation have changed over the years. This week includes a special field trip to the Railway Museum.


Up Up and Away

Students will learn about development, design, production, operation and use of aircraft during aviation week. This week includes a field trip to the Delta Flight Museum


Campers will play the role of a paleontologist by creating site maps based on fossil findings. Through our weekly field trip ,and crafts students will travel back to the Mesozoic Era.



The students will learn about famous inventions and inventors every day. Ranging from the light bulb to the iphone, the campers will analyze and make projects on each invention and their relevance in our daily lives


The campers will learn about scientific concepts like gravity, decantation, metamorphosis, magnetism, simple machines, and more while participating in hands-on experiments. Get ready to explore the scientific method in a variety of ways!



Grab your passport!
For five days, campers will choose a daily country / culture and explore the unique traditions, music, food and costumes. There will be cooking, dancing, music, folk tales and lots of dress up. Parents are welcome to come share their unique culture with their child's class.


Do Re Mi …
All things musical await our young explorers from composers to music styles throughout history. Students not only learn about music composition…they get to try their hand at writing their own. A week full of songs, instruments and “note-able” experiences awaits our young Mozarts!



Crafty campers of all shapes and sizes are invited to explore the creative world of arts and crafts. With a week loaded with projects, projects and more projects, children experiment with all types of artistic media to create one of a kind masterpieces!

All About Me

I am awesome! 
In the first days of camp, kids make connections with each other that will last all summer. In this premier week, campers create crafts and are engaged activities that promote team building, positive self-esteem, friendship and lots more “get-to-know-you fun” for everyone. A special feature during this week is our “Career Day” event where we all share what we want to be when we grow up and special guests join us to teach us about careers to consider…

Kids Running
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