Never Ask a Dinosaur to Dinner




Create a Stegosaurus or Apatosaurus paper plate dinosaur craft with your kids this Valentine’s Day. Super cute and simple craft for everyone to enjoy.

Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft Instructions

What you will need:

• Paper plates (preferably ones with ribbed edging)
• Glue
• Googly eyes
• Paintbrush and paint
• Round Sponge Brushes



The first part is to cut the paper plate in half.


One half is the body and the other half will be used to create the rest of the dinosaur pieces.


Cut around the outside of one half and use the part with the ripples to make the dinosaurs plates.


Then you can use the leftover to cut out the head, tail, and feet.


The picture below will show you the cuts we made for the stegosaurus.



hanako-styro-sculpture-2 (1)
hanako-styro-sculpture-2 (1)



However, it can be a little frustrating for the children, as the toothpicks and the polystyrene peanuts fall apart quite easily. I also find myself frustrated with the outcome, as one of my key aims with any kids’ sculpture project is to emphasise the three-dimensional physicality of sculpture compared with painting or drawing. Because packing peanuts are so small, the resulting structures are also rather small and fragile.

I wanted the children to be able to work on a much larger scale, especially after coming across a ‘green art’ blog, Inspiration Green, which reveals the seemingly endless possibilities of polystyrene as an art material. John Powers, Dio Mendoza and Tara Donovan are just three artists making incredible sculptural forms from polystyrene.

Courtesy of hannahsartclub.wordpress.com


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