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Book Of The Month

My Lucky Little Dragon

By:  Joyce Wan   Illustrator: Joyce Wan

Whether your child is a happy little horsey, a snuggly little lamb, or a brave little tiger, MY LUCKY LITTLE DRAGON will have every parent saying, "Baby, I'm so lucky to have you!"

From the creator of the scrumptious YOU ARE MY CUPCAKE, Joyce Wan's new board book with bright colors, bold illustrations, and a mirror in the last page is a perfect read-aloud for the little dragon in your life.


Joyce Wan runs her own stationery and gift business, Wanart, which sells products in thousands of boutiques, museum shops, and gift stores worldwide. She is also the author and illustrator of many children's books, including YOU ARE MY CUPCAKE and WE BELONG TOGETHER.

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Craft Of The Month

Easy Butterfly Crafts for Kids


Supplies for making paper towel butterflies:

  • water

  • food colouring or liquid water colours

  • paper towels

  • an ice-cube tray (or individual bowls)

  • instruments for dropping the coloured water (paint brushes, droppers etc.)

I mixed up my food colouring and water and filled an ice-cube tray so the Hooligans would have a variety of colours to work with.  You can also use liquid water colours for this type of project.  The Chocolate Muffin Tree demonstrates them here, and or you can make some of your own, like the ones we made with our dried up markers!

A preschool science activity: water absorption:

Each child received a paper towel, and I set out a variety of instruments for them to transfer the coloured water to their paper towels: stir-sticks, pipettes/droppers

and paint brushes.

*If you’re using food colouring, protect your work surface vinyl table-cloth or an old towel.

The hooligans dropped, dabbed, and tapped until their paper towels and completely covered with dots of colour.    During this part of the process, you and your child can observe and discuss colour-mixing, absorption and saturation.

When our paper towels were completely soaked, we placed some by the fire to dry.  You can speed up the drying process with a hairdryer too!

For the body of your butterfly, you have a few options to choose from:

    • two bendy-straws

    • a pipe cleaner

    • a twist tie

Gather your paper towel, scrunching it together in the middle, to form your “wings”.

For the twist tie and pipe cleaner butterflies, simply wrap your twist tie or pipe cleaner around the middle of the wings, twist to secure, and shape the antennae.

For the bendy-straw butterfly, stick the straws together with some tape or hot glue, and use a twist tie to secure the wings to the straws.

Glue on a couple of googly eyes, and you’re done!

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