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When you are away from your children, you want the best of both the worlds for them - caring people, a safe environment, and a myriad of learning opportunities. Our caring child care and day care environment provides great care for your infant, toddler and pre-school child. We also pick up and drop off school age children from nearby schools. I know you are thinking…”What is Meliora?”  Well, in Latin, ‘meliora’ means “be the best”…and that is what we want to be for you and your family – THE BEST!


Twos and Threes

At the Meliora School, the teachers and caregivers know that continuing development of vocabulary is dependent on verbal interaction and language exposure. We talk to our children, not at them; and engage them in stories and encourage their own storytelling abilities as they grow and master more and more language.


Infant and Toddler Care

At the Meliora School, your infant will be cared for and encouraged to explore the world around them in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment filled with love. Our teachers and caregivers understand the unique responsibility of guiding an infant through their first forays into this strange and overwhelming new world which they have entered. With a great curriculum to provide the proper framework and balance between play, discovery, and learning, your child will flourish!

GA Pre K Program 

The Meliora School is an approved provider of the Georgia Lottery Funded Pre-K Program. Call the location for availability information. Georgia's Pre-K Program is a lottery funded educational program for Georgia's four-year-olds to prepare children for Kindergarten.

After School Child Care

After a full and productive day at school, the children are ready for relaxation and fun. The after school experience is a happy, healthy, and engaging one at The Meliora School. The experiences and curriculum that guide this program are especially tuned to the developmental needs of the six-twelve year old child.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Summer Camp

Join us for smart-astic & sun-santional summertime fun!Pinnacle Summer Discovery Program for campers 3-5 years old includes Career Days with Student Art Exhibits, Parent Participation Events and Water Play with Swimming Trips, Fun and Educational Field Trips, Picnic Celebrations, FREE T - Shirt.


Book of the month

The Gift That I Can Give
"Kids don't have to wait until they are grownups to make the world a better place! The newest Kathie Lee Gifford 

Crafty Kids

Styro Sculpture: Two Ways
Children’s sculpture projects can be messy and time-consuming, particularly when using traditional

B: Kix, Cantaloupe, Milk


L: Cheeseburger on WG Bun, Mixed Vegetables, Tropical Fruit, Milk


S: Crunchy Granola Bar, 100% Juice

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Crafty Kids

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