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It is reassuring when your children are having so much fun, that they cry when it is time to be picked up. My children definitely feel loved here and that makes this "helicopter" mom feel great about my decision. I appreciate the director having an "open door" policy with any concerns I bring to her attention. --- Jennifer McCalla, Parent

Im very impressed with everything my son is learning. The teacher's are very nice and attentive. I never knew a one year old could learn so much. I love everything the school do with and for the kids. I wish he could it was to the 12th grade. Ms. Lauren is always informative and I love that about her. Thank you for all you do.

The Staff is always kind, caring and helpful. The food is great; we would like to see more options and variety in the future. I love the art that is sent home, I love to see what our children can do! We are happy about the Spanish lessons, and tumbling. The teachers are so wonderful and loving to my child! They are always thoughtful and open to suggestions. Thank you for all that you do! ---Thomas, Mom, Emily- the Zimmerman’s

The teachers and staff are very friendly and kind. They really seem to care about the kids. They always greet you with a smile and do the same with the children. My daughter is new to the childcare setting and Ms. Heather has made it an easy transition for her. Ms,. Heather is Awesome with her. --- Marsha Riviere


Yes, you have all made us very happy! ---Kara Kincaid

You are the best!!! Great service, great care!!! Thank you so much!!!! --- Alina and Alex Rotaru

I want to thank the Meliora Staff for making a pleasant learning environment for the children. --- Tommy Horn

Laila is very happy at her new school. Ms. Kyrie is always very helpful. I have seen how Laila is learning her letters and making new projects in school. She comes home happy and telling me about all the different activities she has done throughout the day. Thank you, Meliora School for making our transition from New Jersey a little easier than we anticipated.  Sincerely, Ana Fernandez

We are very happy with the Meliora School. Our child is always excited about her days at school where she learns something new every day. There are great challenges for our 3 year old’s mind. ---the Gustave’s

We love the Meliora School! The summer camp program was wonderful. Marlee looked forward to going each day. The after school program is also great. I feel comfortable having my child here. Thank you for all the hard work you do! --- The Lee/Diaz Family

I have only been with you all for a few weeks, but everyone is nice and friendly. My child loves it and feels at home, that is all that matters. --- Tarsha Whitehead

We are very pleased with the services and support that you have provided to our family. Meliora has been very flexible and has gone above and beyond to meet our family’s needs. When issues arise, Meliora has been very understanding. We appreciate all of the staff. Our decision to place Sterling in daycare was very difficult; however, Meliora has made it easy. Thank you, Patrick and Pamela Miller

“We love our school!” All of the staff is so caring; it is great to know that our children are in good hands. We need to help our school grow “so spread the word.” You guys are awesome. --- Houff Family

I would not have my children in any other child care center. The staff really cares about the children and their well-being. I never worry about the quality of care here because I know it is the BEST! It is like they are an extension of my family. --- Christina Seder

This is a great program for school agers. Meliora encourages creativity and offers a large variety of indoor and outdoor activities for the kids to choose from. The staff is very caring and professional. Keep up the good work! --- The Gustave’s

We love the staff at Meliora! The teachers and administrators are pleasant, friendly and exhibit a passion for kids. We also like the creative activities and curriculum enrichment available to promote academic development. Meliora is our educational partner. ---The Penn Family

5 stars for Meliora! The entire staff has been very helpful and accommodating. Your willingness to help my son and the care everyone shows toward him had been a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much! --- Aleah Horn

My husband and I have been very happy and satisfied with the service given by the Meliora staff. We are constantly embraced with a pleasant welcome each and every time we drop our daughter off. From the fresh food prepared daily to the one-on-one attention given to each student, the Meliora School is definitely a five star school and is making my family happy!! Thank you, Shalonda Holliman

We love the school. Bella has been learning so much. She really enjoys going to school and loves her teachers. The extra classes, like Ballet and Tae Kwon Do are great! She is so excited to show all the things that she learns everyday. --- Catherine Myers

I think you are doing a great job with keeping the kids engaged and learning! --- Bukie


"I have a 3-year-old son named Kyle, and he has been going to The Meliora School since October 2011.  Kyle has always been very quiet, shy, and really attached to us.  Ever since Kyle started going to the Meliora School, my husband and I have noticed he has been more and more social toward other kids and people. Kyle has learned so much from his school. He now sings songs all the time, recites the alphabet, numbers and he is able to identify colors, etc…
My husband and I both agree this was the best decision ever for us to put Kyle in the Meliora School. The staff are amazing, very friendly, and caring.  The facility is very clean and organized. I can’t imagine taking Kyle out of the Meliora School.  Ms. Parul and her staff have been really great to work with and very understanding.  My son talks about his school all the time and raves about his classmates and teachers.
It is such a great feeling and peace of mind knowing that we can leave our son somewhere we are confident he is in a safe, caring, stimulating environment.  He is happy and thriving."


My daughter attended this school and we loved the environment. We knew it was unique when we chose it last year from the other schools in the area. It is a high quality school that provided a great learning environment for my daughter. They also do lot of fun activities with parents and grandparents , It is great to see my family involved with my child's day to day life. Ms Heather is a great Director and is a joy to meet! I would recommend this school to anyone.
~ R Gid

  Great place.. I love it
~ Neche Mckinnor

  Excellent school!
~ joceleen alfaro

  My daughter has been attending the Meliora School of Bouldercrest since she was 2 years old. She is now attends pre-k at Clifton Elementary School. Out of here entire pre-k class she is the only child that knows how to write and spell name, also recognizes shapes, colors, and alphabets. During her time at Meliora I have watched her excel in all areas and I am truly thankful for all the hard work that is put into teaching her everything that she needs to excel
~ Tonya Grisssam

  It's a very close knit daycare. The staff is friendly and great with the kids. We are very happy there.
~ Parent, Lawerenceville

  Friendly and supportive staff and teachers. They really promote getting the parents involved in their children's education. Good experience so far.
~ Parent, Atlanta

  I love how caring all the teachers are. When there is not enough staff in one class. The staff comes together to help each other out. They pay attention to details. My little one loves going to school everyday. It makes me feel good to know when I walk out the door, he turns to me with a smile and say bye and blows me a kiss. That let's me know that he's in good hand, because if he trust them so can I.
~ Parent, Atlanta

  My daughter has only been there for a little over 6months she is 4 years old. Hey learning abilities has grown so much. She recognize things that she hadn't before. I love this school and great Christian background.
~ Parent, Atlanta

  Its a great school to be apart of my kids have been going there since my oldest was an infant room for the location it is a great school...
~ Parent, Atlanta

  I would say that it is a great school and the teachers take pride in teaching the kids education. My son Blake Brewer has attended since he was 3 months. Blake has learned so much. Im blown away by the skills he has a 2year old. There has been a lot of changes in his clas lately that i hope will be rectified soon. Over all its a wonderful place tto send your child for a great education.
~ Parent, Atlanta

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My daughter has been attending for almost two years now. I love everyone that works there. Everyone is so nice and very caring to all the kids. People tell me my daughter is smarter and talks better than most kids her age. I give most of that credit to them. They also try to work with you in any situation that comes up. Since Mrs. Heather took over everything has been a lot smoother and consistent. I give two thumbs up! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!
~ Michelle Bynum

  My son has been attending this school since October and he loves it. Always talking about his friends and excited about going back the next day. And thanks to his teachers he is now almost completely potty trained! Also can't thank his teachers enough for how much they've taught him from counting to learning his colors. Been a great place for him to attend.
~ Michelle Bynum

  My 5 yo son has been attending since July last year and we love it here. The teachers and staff are great. My son really enjoys it and he has learnt so much. Great school.
~ Sherene Church

  I LOVE this school!!!!!! My baby's teacher are AWESOME. Very great,they communicate well with us parents as well
~ Jacqueline Brown-Hassan

  Great staff always very friendly and welcoming. Great place.
~ Danielle Drake

  I must say that I went to well over 10 facilities and I truly have found the perfect fit for our family! Our baby boy, has blossumed being here. He was not walking before coming to the facility and now he is walking like a champ. The directors, faculty and staff care for the children with a nuturing but stern professionalism. If I have any questions or concerns, they are handled swiftly. This is a great introduction for your young scholar!
~ Marcia Brown

  My daughter begged me to go to school during the break! She really loves the environment here :-)
~ Tattiana Hardrick

  I love the fact that it is a Christian school. My son will turn 2 very soon and will enter into the 2yr Preschool there. He is currently in the toddler room and I am so happy with the things that he is learning. I should have enrolled him here a long time ago. My daughter is school aged and attends the before/after school program there. They feed her a balanced breakfast and she actually enjoys it (she's a finicky eater)! There are a few other children her age; so she doesn't feel "too old" or left out. Check them out!!
~ Nina White Mua

  My daughter Calise has been attending here for 1 year. She has evolved a whole lot since being there. She is currently in Mrs Mary private pre-k class. Mrs. Mary is very true to her skills. She is a dedicated teacher and I love her for that. Calise is recognizing colors , numbers, shapes, knows how to spell n write her name. I recommend this school to anyone.
~ Crystal Aknewme Woodruff

  I've had some bad experiences at other daycares, so glad I found you guys! I feel so much better leaving my daughter in such good hands with people that care! Thank you so much
~ Jerilyn Williams

  A great place for learning and growing. The Teachers and Staff are great. Please check it out.
~ Maxine Sanders