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Simple Learning Games For Baby

Simple learning games for babyUp my little baby
With your hands grasped firmly around his chest and back (not his arms, which could dislocate a shoulder or an elbow), pull him from a prone to a sitting position and back again, accompanied by a singsong refrain of:

"Up my little baby comes
Down my little baby goes
Peek around, have you found
Baby's wiggly toes?"

At the end of the rhyme, give his tootsies a tickle. Substitute your child's name for "baby," and he'll really pay attention!

Whoops, golly, golly
Beginning with the pinkie, say "golly" as you gently touch the tip of each of your baby's fingers. When you get to the index finger, say "whoops!" and slide your finger down the side of her index finger and up to the tip of her thumb, which becomes "golly" again. Then backtrack quickly, sliding down the inside of the thumb and up the index finger with another "whoops!" bringing the game to an end with "golly, golly, golly."

Clap your hands
As you clap your baby's hands together, chant:

"Clap your hands, one, two, three
Play a clapping game with me
Now your hands have gone away
Find your hands so we can play!"

On "gone away," hide his hands under his favorite blanket, and on "find your hands," pull them out again.

Pillow play
Build a mountain of sofa cushions, then let your child topple them over. Scattered cushions and pillows also make a fine obstacle course for a crawler to navigate on her own, or follow-the-leader style.

Hide yourself (someplace near and pretty obvious, or your baby may get concerned) or a favorite object ("Where's bunny? Is he under the table? No. Is he under the sofa? Look! There he is!").

Your family's everyday life provides a great education for your baby. Babies don't need expensive toys or advanced classes to learn about the world. You are his first and most influential teacher -- and a baby's classroom is wherever he goes.