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After a full and productive day at school, the children are ready for relaxation and fun. The after school experience is a happy, healthy, and engaging one at The Meliora School. The experiences and curriculum that guide this program are especially tuned to the developmental needs of the six-twelve year old child. Children have the opportunity to participate in activities that challenge their creativity and provide a social and recreational outlet framed in thematic learning units complete with homework support and character education emphasis. The curriculum provides project based learning ideas which have meaning to the students and are engaging and creative. Cooperative play is encouraged through games, exploring sports, and group arts & crafts projects.

Children are provided a healthy snack and plenty of open space to run, jump, and climb every day (weather permitting). Television, Computer, and Game Console choices are available on a limited basis and vary per location (request specifics at tour).

What about when school is out?

This part of our program is available for both regularly enrolled students as a supplement to their before and after school needs or as drop in program for school holidays (with registration).

On days off of school, students join us for a full day of fun complete with educational, physical activity, and recreational based field trips to a variety of locations.  Excursion destinations during the past year include:

  • Gladiators Game and Autograph Session (MLK Holiday)
  • Apex Museum (Black History Month)
  • The Atlanta History Center
  • The Georgia Aquarium
  • Roller Skating
  • Bowling with Behind the Scenes Tour
  • The Yellow River Game Ranch
  • 3-D Movie
  • Park Day
  • Swimming at Indoor Public Pool
  • Monkey Joe’s
  • And more…

Smart Summertime Fun at Summer Camp

The fun continues over the summer with weekly field trips and swimming with water play! What better way for kids to fully enjoy their time off from school than by spending it engaged in a variety of educational and recreational activities with friends in a positive social environment! The Pinnacle Summer Discovery curricula are packed with imagination and enrichment and are centered on theme based weeks….for examples and specifics, visit our summer camp page …




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 What Our Parent's Are Saying

"I have a 3-year-old son named Kyle, and he has been going to The Meliora School since October 2011. Kyle has always been very quiet, shy, and really attached to us. Ever since Kyle started going to the Meliora School, my husband and I have noticed he has been more and more social toward other kids and people. Kyle has learned so much from his school. He now sings songs all the time, recites the alphabet, numbers and he is able to identify colors, etc… My husband and I both agree this was the best decision ever for us to put Kyle in the Meliora School.

The staff are amazing, very friendly, and caring. The facility is very clean and organized. I can’t imagine taking Kyle out of the Meliora School. Ms. Parul and her staff have been really great to work with and very understanding. My son talks about his school all the time and raves about his classmates and teachers. It is such a great feeling and peace of mind knowing that we can leave our son somewhere we are confident he is in a safe, caring, stimulating environment. He is happy and thriving."

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